Monday, September 5, 2011

Rate Dining: Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

LocationHollywood Studios
Type:  Table Service
Meals:  Lunch and Dinner
Cuisine:   American (Known for their hamburgers, milkshakes and desserts)
Reservations:  Yes (recommended)

                With the number of drive in theaters dwindling, most of our kids have missed their chance to experience one.   Well, now is their chance and you don’t have to wait for night fall or hide people in the trunk to save on entrance fees.   Welcome to Disney’s Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater.   

The atmosphere is fun and unique compared to other restaurants.   The dining area allows you to sit under the stars in your 50’s era car or at a picnic table while watching clips from old science fiction movies and cartoons.   Note that it is clips of movies and not an entire movie.   The clip reel is not that long, so you will see the same set of clips a few times throughout your meal.  Not only is it dark (representing nighttime), making it a bit difficult to see the menu and your food, but with movie clips playing it can also get loud.    The cars are either 2 or 3 seats which seats 4 to 6 adults, which means if you do not fill your car you will be seated with others.   

Food is American fare which range from steak to sandwiches with a couple pasta dishes thrown in.   Overall food is average and a bit overpriced so stick to the burger or chicken sandwiches.  Many people go just for the desserts (sundaes and milkshakes) so you get the feeling of the atmosphere and don’t have to sit through too many movie clips.  

  Rating 3 / 5
 Rating Comments:   Atmosphere is the reason to go.  Children love to sit in the cars and watching the movies.   But the movie clips repeat, which can lead to a little boredom, and the food is average.  Let me know what you would rate it, use the poll on the right side of the page. 

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  1. I like this place okay, but for me the sci fi clips get old. This is one of those places you can visit once, or once every five years and be okay. It's def. at the bottom of my to-visit list. Not that its bad, just not as great as other places.