Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy 25th Anniversary Disney Store

   Today marked the 25th Anniversary of the Disney Store.  The first Disney Store opened in Glendale, California on March 28th 1987.   The store has gone through a lot in 25 years including format changes and being sold to the Children's Place in 2004 just to be purchased back in 2008.   I can remember our first Disney store that featured moving characters and great merchandise.   

As the store celebrated this over the past month there were many activities including Trivia Games, Dance Parties, and Stickermania all leading up to today and the 25th Celebration.   At each of the stores today 250 Silver Mickey Ears (pictured) were given away.   

  Many other 25th Anniversary items were also available to purchase and can be found on the Disney Store site.  The 25th Vinylmation is also included in my picture.   Thanks goes to my wife who stood in line today and surprised me with these items.   Her experience is captured in the picture and video below.   

Monday, March 12, 2012

Soft Opening for Storybook Circus

Photo Courtesy of @capndanny
Great news Disney World fans, Storybook Circus today has started soft openings.   Currently looks like one of the Dumbo rides is open along with the Great Goofini.   As with any soft opening they can close it down at anytime, so if you are there when it is open enjoy it while you can.   The official opening date for this portion of Storybook Circus is March 31, 2012. 

Photo Courtesy of @capndanny
Storybook Circus is part of the new Fantasyland expansion which in the end will include two Dumbo's, The Great Goofini (re-themed Barnstormer), a new Fantasyland train station, Casey Jr. Circus water play area, the Snow White Mine Coaster, and the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

   Leave us a comment, what will your first Storybook Circus Ride be?   Ours Dumbo.   

Friday, March 9, 2012

Royal Rooms at Port Orleans Resort

 Today the Disney Parks Blog reported that the Royal Guest Rooms officially open at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort

   As many of you know this is one of our favorite moderate resorts at Disney World and this just adds to the overall appeal of this resort.   These new rooms feature firework headboards and royal fixtures.   Over 500 rooms have been converted so be sure to grab one on your next trip.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

You might be a Disney Nut.....

  • If you're at the parks 2 hours before they open .....You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you let one monorail pass by just to get your favorite color.....You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you book your next Disney vacation while on your current Disney vacation.... You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you take extra napkins just to save..... You might be a Disney Nut
  • If every set of Holiday decorations you put out have at least one Disney character.....You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you own more than 5 articles of clothing with Disney characters.....You might be a Disney Nut
  • If cast members know you by name.....You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you check wait times when you are not at the park......You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you are reading this blog post.......You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you make dining reservations on the first day you can......You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you have downloaded any ride audio or parade music.....You might be a Disney Nut
  • If you refer to any bag as your "Disney" bag.....You might be a Disney Nut

Leave us a comment with your additions below.....

Be Our Guest Restaurant - Sneak Peek

   The Disney Parks Blog today took us deep inside the construction of the new Be Our Guest Restaurant.  I can't express how excited we are to see a new dinner table service option for the Magic Kingdom.

   The huge medieval windows extend floor to ceiling and offer an amazing view over the countryside.   From early discussions there will be three separate dining rooms in the restaurant and overall capacity will be about 550 guests.   The dining rooms will be the Library, West Wing, and the two-story ball room shown in the video below.   Where would you like to sit?

    The restaurant will be counter service during the day and convert to table service for dinner similar to La Hacienda at Epcot.   Will this restaurant be a character dining experience?   Stay tuned...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tip: Water costs what? What can I bring in the parks?

As you stroll around the park, hot and thirsty you spot a Disney drink cart. You’re exhausted feet stumble around visitors until dehydrated and depleted, you finally reach that Oasis. But wait…certainly it must be a mirage, $2.50 for a single bottle of water?  What if I have a family of 4, you say?  That’s $10 just to get something to drink!

Yes, Disney is pricey, but there are ways to save a couple bucks without going too far out of the way. Bring some snacks and drinks to the park with you.

We always bring a backpack full of a few random snacks and definitely a bottle of water for the three of us each day we go to the park. You may also want to invest in some kool-aid or other type of flavor additive. Refilling your water bottle can be done at any drinking fountain, but be sure you have flavoring as the Disney water can have an interesting taste. If water is to heavy for you to carry around all day, you can also go into any counter service restaurant and request a free cup of water.

Book bags and coolers are allowed as long as they don’t have wheels on them and are not any larger than 24 inches long: 15 inches wide, and 18 inches high. Coolers that are required for any type of medication can conveniently be stored at Guest Relations, just ask as you come into the park.

But of course there are restrictions. Here is a simple list of items that cannot be brought into the park:
  •  Alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons (really do I need to say it)
  • Glass Containers (baby food jars are ok). Even glass drinks purchased at Disney can’t reenter the park. We learned this from experience when we bought a couple glass bottles of soda in Japan, Epcot. When we tried to bring them to the park the next day, security wouldn't let them in.
  •  Folding chairs – there are benches everywhere, Walt made sure of that.
  •  Animals (service animals are obviously welcome)
  • Wheeled items
    • Shoes with built in wheels
    • Inline Skates, scooters, skateboards, etc.
    • Wagons
  •  Animal Kingdom (due to the animals they have other restrictions)
    • Balloons
    • Straws (you will notice that all straws in the park are paper)