Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tip : What to bring?

We are packing for our next trip to Disney World so what better subject to write about than the things we can’t live without while on our trip! 

·         Backpack – Okay, so some of you might not want to carry a heavy backpack, but for those of you who like to save some money… this allows our family to carry the camera, water bottles, and any snacks we need for the day.   You can also throw in a change of clothes for the little ones who will get soaked at the splash areas.   

 ·         Hat – For those of you with no hair like me, the FL sun will definitely welcome you if you don’t have a hat. Your dermatologist will also tell you it’s good for kids to cover their heads from the harsh sun.      

 ·         Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizing Gel – There will be many times when you want to sit down to eat or have a snack, and running into the bathrooms to wash your hands just cuts into your Disney time. 

 ·         Poncho – Yes, it does rain in the happiest place on earth so be prepared.  You can pick one up at the dollar store (thin, light weight and cheap at 2 for $1) or at the parks for around $7.  The benefit of paying $7 for a Disney poncho at the parks is if they do rip you can return them to any store for a new one.   

 ·         Sun Block and Sun Glasses – It’s sunny out there, protect your skin and eyes, especially your kids!

 ·         Breakfast food – If you are staying at a Disney hotel or hotel that doesn’t have free breakfast I recommend bringing some breakfast bars, donuts or dry cereal that you can enjoy without milk (such as our family favorite: Fruit Loops) and some Ziploc bags.   Most mornings we will grab something and eating it on the ride to a park or while waiting in line to get into the parks.   Again, you’re on Disney time so you want to be at the parks early and if your family isn’t early risers this gives you a few more minutes.   

·         Snacks – Again, bringing your own snacks into the park can greatly cut down on your snack bill. Just make sure it won’t melt!    Mmmmm Twizzlers.   

 ·         Gift Cards for Kids – Beware the rides that empty into gift shops! I’m talking to you, Pirates of the Caribbean. Kids will beg for everything they see. The best way to deal with a frustrating situation is purchase a gift card at the start of the trip with a certain amount of money that your children can spend.   When it’s gone, it’s gone.   This teaches some responsibility and makes them think twice before buying something.  Gift cards can be purchased before your trip at the Disney Store or some gift card centers at Kroger’s and other stores.

·         Kool-Aid or other drink packs for bottled water – If you aren’t a huge fan of water it’s good to bring some flavor packs.    Since it is so hot, make sure you drink a lot of water.  The park water from the water fountains tastes horrible, it’s best to bring along a flavor pack. Do they do that for a reason?

 ·         First Aid – At least some Band-Aids to throw in your daily backpack and a travel size Neosporin would not be a bad idea.   

 ·         Comfortable Shoes – You are going to walk a lot so bring something comfy.   Now isn’t the time to break in your new shoes, or your new stilettos (which we’ve seen many times).  Look around while you’re at the park, you will be amazed at what people think are good Disney shoes.   

 ·         Camera – Yeah, I know this is a given, but I’m just reminding you. 

 ·         Glow Sticks – If you have kids and you stay at the park until it gets dark you will be happy you have these.   Disney brings out their light up toys at night and you can distract your kids with much cheaper glow sticks from the dollar store, at, again, for only a dollar,   Kid’s usually don’t care where they come from, they just want to have something that lights up.  Plus, they’re a good way to amuse your kids while waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade.    

 ·         Bottled Water – If you are driving be sure to throw a case in the car, then you can put a bottle in your backpack for each family member.  It might be a little heavy, but can save you $2+ a person.   

-   Disney T-Shirt -  Another cost saver is to purchase a Disney shirt at the Disney Store or at your favorite discount store (Target, etc) before coming to the park.  

Leave a comment and tell me… what do you take along on your trip to Disney?


  1. Dollar Tree store is a great place to get cheap ponchos and glow sticks. This article is perfect, hits on all the important things!


  2. A LOT of good ideas here. I wonder if a rolling backpack would be good? Also, is there a place to put these when you go on a ride? Or what about a cheap baby stroller to push your 'ugly' baby (backpack)in would it be more hassle then it's worth?

  3. Christine,
    I wouldn't recommend a rolling backpack as this would likely trip people up and get tough to roll in the large crowds. If weight is an issue I would not take as many drinks or snacks. And you are right the stroller would be more hassle than it's worth. As for where to put the back pack, most rides we just put the backpack at our feet for those more extreme rides there is usually a net pouch or some place in the ride car to put it.

    Thanks again for stopping by DisneyDayByDay