Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tip: Kim Possible's World Showcase Adventure

Location: Epcot
Duration:   I would allocate 30 mins to your mission

Doot-Do-Dee-Do-Deet   If you don’t know that sound you will after your adventure.   Welcome to Kim Possible’s World Showcase Adventure.   

           In summary, this free Adventure invites everyone to become a secret agent and help Team Possible save the world from villains and their mad inventions.  

             Interested? Your first step is to head to Innovations East or West located at the front of the park. By using your park pass you’ll be able to secure a ticket at one of the recruiting stations in these buildings. These tickets (similar to a fast pass ticket) will display the time and location of your Kimmunicator pickup. What is a Kimmunicator? A GPS enabled cell phone that kids love! (Tip) If you have more than one child I would suggest scanning a couple park tickets to keep everyone happy.    (Tip) You do not have to rush to get to your country as the Kimmunicator can be picked up any time after the time noted on the ticket.   

            Once you make it to your designated country, there will be a booth where you can pick up your Kimmunicator.   And don’t worry if you’re new to this experience, there are plenty of agents there to help you get started.   (Tip) If you have fought crime in the country assigned, be sure to ask your agent for a new location.   

             After you have your Kimmunicator and have moved a safe distance away from the pickup station, open the Kimmunicator to begin your mission.   As you go through your mission you will be introduced to many Kim Possible characters that will provide clues on how to stop these nasty villains.  There are many exciting tricks that the Kimmunicator will do throughout the mission; you might open a door, sound a bell, or scare the villain out of his hiding place in the toy shop.   (Tip) Some of these are so much fun you may want to do it again and the Kimmunicator will have a button to do just that.     

             You can take up missions in seven of the World Showcase pavilions: China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Norway and United Kingdom.  Each country features a different adventure and includes many surprises.  After you have completed your mission the Kimmunicator will direct you to a drop off location, or if you are lucky you may even get another mission.   

            Hurry! Kim Possible needs your help!

            Note:   The Kimmunicator does keep making sounds every so often to make sure you are still there.   Taking the noisy Kimmunicator into one of the nice movies or the American Adventure could result in pointed glares.  


  1. My son loves to do this! Of course part of the reason is that he gets to hold his "own" cell phone. The tricks the phone does with objects around the park is pretty cool. You'll see things you didn't notice before. If you have plenty of time, its a must for young kids.


  2. I'm not sure the 12 year old will like this but I think the 9 year old will...Cool!