Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rate a Ride: Dumbo the Flying Elephant

·         Ride Location: Magic Kingdom
·         Fastpass:  No
·         Ride Duration: 90 seconds
·         Year Introduced:  1971 (Opening Day), 1993 (Replaced to increase capacity)
·         Tip:  Be sure to make this your first stop in the morning when the park opens as wait times are long towards mid day.  

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is an original attraction at the Magic Kingdom.   Though the ride system was completely replaced in 1993 to increase capacity. Soon there will be two Dumbos with the Fantasyland expansion.  

Dumbo is modeled after the 1941 classic movie with the same name.   Dumbo is a hub and spoke style ride system where the ride vehicles rotate around a central hub.   Much to the delight of smaller children, the elephants can go up and down by using the lever inside the ride vehicle.  The ride is very short at 90 seconds but the lines can get extremely long on busy days due to the limited capacity.  

Dumbo will soon find a new home in Storybook Circus with the Fantasyland expansion.   So if you love flying close to the castle you don’t have much time left.  The move will also double Dumbo in size with the addition of a second Dumbo.  Look for this all to come sometime in 2012 (no official dates have been released).   
Rating:  (3 out of 5)
 Rating Comment:   Although short and simple this iconic ride is a must for families with small children and first time visitors.


  1. We stayed for extended hours one night. It was pretty late and dark and we went on Dumbo because the line wasn't too bad at that point. It was really fun going on it at night with all the lights and stars out and the castle lit up. But I would def. go on this first thing in the morning during normal hours. It's not really worth waiting the typical 45 mins to get on it later in the day, but at the same time you have to go on it at least once during your trip!


  2. Dumbo goes high so if you have a little kid, they might be afraid. Dumbo is fun for little kids about 6 and under but 7 and up, they might not like it that much.